Techtextil 2024: AB65 Fiber Takes the Stage in Performance Spotlight
AB65 Fiber Product Demonstration at Techtextil 2024

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AB65 Fiber, the innovative copper alloy material, made waves in the smart textile industry at Techtextil 2024 held in Frankfurt, Germany from April 23rd to April 26th. The material received accolades at the “Performance Apparel on Stage” showcase, highlighting its transformative properties and applications in the realm of technical textiles.

During the event, AB65 Fiber garnered significant attention from attendees and industry experts worldwide. Visitors from diverse backgrounds, including Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Korea, China, and Taiwan, engaged in fruitful technical exchanges and discussions surrounding the latest trends and innovations in the textile sector.

“We are thrilled to see AB65 Fiber receive recognition on such a prestigious platform,” said a representative from the AB65 team. “The opportunity to interact with leading professionals and showcase our material’s capabilities has been invaluable. We extend our gratitude to all the visitors and participants for their support and interest.”

Techtextil 2024 served as a catalyst for AB65 Fiber to establish itself as a leader in the field of smart textiles. By engaging with a global audience and fostering collaborations with international partners, AB65 is poised to shape the future of the textile industry with its innovative solutions and sustainable approach.

As the event concluded, AB65 Fiber looks forward to continued collaboration and knowledge sharing with industry stakeholders worldwide, driving innovation and advancement in the textile sector.


YouTube Link: Exploring AB65 Innovations at Techtextil 2024 | 法蘭克福產業用紡織展2024 | Sustainable Textiles Revolution

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AB65 Fiber Product Demonstration at Techtextil 2024
AB65 Fiber Discussion Session at Techtextil 2024

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