AB65 copper alloy net

AB65 copper alloy net is made of 99.999  % metal raw materials with special continuous casting technology.

Its process breaks through the tradition to reach the limit of the combination of multiple alloys, and surpasses the size of the international drawing hole diameter of 0.1mm, and as well as accurately calculate its structure strength and copper ion concentration. 

Buy the AB65 copper alloy net, you do not need to clean the net for more than 3 years, and still be able to keep it clean and maintain its adequate permeability. 

With AB65 copper alloy, you can go more than 3 years without cleaning and still maintain its permeability.


  • Increase the amount of healthy aquatic products.
  • Maintain a stable volume space.
  • Prevent from predators or fish escaping.
  • Reduce labor and maintenance costs.
  • Completely recyclable and low carbon footprint.

    AB65 hybrid net

    Has been proven to use in the sea for more than 2 years without cleaning and maintenance.

    AB65 hybrid net has the characteristics of weight light and easy operation.


    • Increase numbers of healthy aquatic products.
    • Lower maintenance and labors.
    • Recyclable and low carbon footprint.
    • Maintain a stable volume space.
    • Light weight and easy to operate.


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