ABOUT AB65 Future Technology

The AB65 future technology investment project was launched in 2014 as a Copper Alloy Cage Net Project in cooperation with International Copper Association (ICA). The investor of AB65 future technology project, Yuang Hsian Metal Industrial Corporation (YHM), is a well-know enterprise specializing in the manufacture and production of Copper Alloy. Both AB65’s various cage net technology and aquaculture technology are constantly evolving, and such condition are conductive to breaking through the bottleneck of the existing aquaculture model. Our RD Team was able to draw Copper Alloy wire to a microfiber with a wire diameter of only 0.03mm and enable this product to be further applied in the textile industry. We are AB65, and we are the best.


Develop AB65 special Copper Alloy project


AB65 Copper Alloy Net proto-type under water experiment 


 AB65 Copper Alloy Cage experiment


AB65 material Get Certification of International Copper Association Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ 


 AB65 Hybrid net proto-type under     water experiment


AB65 Get Taiwan Excellence Award 


AB65 Textile Get SEK Certification Orange Mark & Red Mark

AB65 Future Technology