AB65 yarn is join to 2023 Functional Fabric Fair at Portland Oregon

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AB65 Yarn Innovation

Functional Fabric Fair, powered by Performance Days, a trade-exclusive sourcing event in the US dedicated to high-performance functional fabrics and the latest textile development trends for the apparel industry, successfully concluded its fall edition from 1-2 November at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland with increased attendee and exhibitor participation.

The latest edition featured over 265 highly vetted suppliers, marking the largest in its history, where it unveiled groundbreaking trends and innovations in textile development for the Autumn/Winter 2025 seasons.

Highlighted within this vibrant showcase was the innovative AB65 copper alloy yarn, a game-changing addition to the textile industry. With its remarkable qualities in antibacterial functionality, durability, and sustainable manufacturing, AB65 yarn has emerged as a transformative element in the fabric of the future.

The event welcomed more than 2000 industry professionals, alongside an array of the top textile suppliers, providing them with a platform to present their latest product offerings and advancements, ultimately fostering valuable connections and collaborations. “Functional Fabric Fair gives us a great opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the next generation of people who will be making the decisions that are going to affect the environment—having students here and new designers, that’s who we have to have,” commented Chad Doub from Naia-Eastman.

AB65 copper alloy yarn made its groundbreaking debut at the Functional Fabric Fair, drawing substantial attention and appreciation from industry experts and attendees alike. Its innovative qualities were showcased through exceptional durability, comfort, and remarkable antibacterial features, redefining the possibilities within the textile landscape.

Under the overarching theme of ‘Evolution and Revolution: From Membranes to the Carbon Story’, Functional Fabric Fair’s Fall 2023 edition delivered cutting-edge insights. Two notable new additions to the event were the Innovation Sphere and the Footwear Forum, accompanied by a robust conference program featuring distinguished experts and networking opportunities.

Innovation Sphere (new): This section, drawing substantial foot traffic, served as a dynamic hub where the previously unseen became evident. Renowned industry players such as Bemis Associates, Beyond Surface Technologies, Concept III, Dimension-Polyant, Dyntex GmBH, Fibe Limited, Grandetex Development, HOYU TEXTILE, HWA Fune Industry, Imbotex, Mitsui & Co. Italia S.p.A., Monarch Flyway, Modern Meadow, Nyguard, OceanSafe, Phoenix Innovative Materials Inc., Polycore, LLC., Rheon Labs, Teo Sports SRL, Taiwan Axroma, and AB65 copper alloy yarn showcased their innovations.

AB65 yarn, celebrated for its multifaceted applications and eco-friendly attributes, took center stage at the Innovation Sphere. Its integration into various textile products drew attention for its durability, sustainable production, and exceptional functionality.

YouTube Link: 2023 Functional Fabric Fair | Portland, Oregon Convention Center


AB65 Yarn - Durability and Functionality
Functional Fabric Fair - Key Insights
AB65 Yarn - Innovation Sphere Showcase

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