AB65 in Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show 2022

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The 2022 Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week and Taiwan International Fisheries Show opened on September 29th at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. The event was inaugurated by Zhang Zhi-Sheng, the Director-General of the Fisheries Agency under the Council of Agriculture, Tanaka Hikaru, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Lee Hui-Ling, Deputy Secretary-General of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The two exhibitions collectively hosted 269 exhibitors from 19 countries, with a total of 462 physical booths showcasing a wide array of agricultural, fishing, and livestock-related products. The total exhibition area covered 9,072 square meters, making it Taiwan’s largest international trade platform for the smart agriculture and fisheries industries.

The 2022 Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week comprised four sub-exhibitions: the Taiwan International Agriculture and Horticulture Technology Exhibition, the Taiwan International Livestock and Poultry Technology Exhibition, the Taiwan International Agricultural Cold Chain and Value-added Services Exhibition, and the Taiwan International New Agriculture and Food Exhibition. The exhibition contents encompassed various aspects of smart agriculture, including agricultural facilities, orchids, seed industries, mushroom cultivation, livestock, and poultry industries. It also featured smart agricultural facilities and automated solutions. Additionally, the exhibition highlighted biotechnology research and the development of feeds and feed additives to enhance animal immunity, reduce the use of antibiotics, and address environmental concerns related to overfeeding.

Comprehensive solutions for agricultural cold chain transportation aimed at improving the quality and value of agricultural products, expanding both domestic and international sales channels, and increasing farmers’ income were presented. Simultaneously, the 2022 Taiwan International Fisheries Show featured six thematic pavilions: Marine Smart Technology and Fishing Equipment, Smart Aquaculture and Seedling Technology, Aquaculture Feed Technology, Aquaculture Processing Technology, Safe Aquatic Products, and Fisheries Circular Economy. These pavilions covered solutions for fish farming and marine fishing, emphasizing intelligent, labor-saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly facilities.

AB65 materials and AB65 Hybrid copper alloy nets, known for their excellent anti-biofouling properties, not only received recognition from local operators but also demonstrated compatibility with other aquaculture equipment. AB65 has emerged as a new solution for aquaculture.

The exhibitions in 2022 focused on profitability and sustainability, highlighting environmentally sustainable agricultural and fishing practices while also considering industry profitability and long-term sustainability. Innovative solutions for agricultural circular economies that span multiple industries were prominently showcased, promoting sustainable agriculture through cross-industry collaborations. Companies like King Crown transformed plant-based waste residues such as soybean dregs, coffee grounds, and tea dregs into high-nutrition animal feed ingredients and health products, creating new value from agricultural byproducts. Earthgenta Agricultural Biotech employed its patented TTT® technology to rapidly and efficiently process various organic waste materials, reducing carbon emissions. After processing, these materials can be reused as fertilizers, contributing to sustainable agriculture.

In the fishing sector, Goldjit Marine Technology not only produced various types of fishing nets but also collaborated with Taiwan’s chemical fiber industry to recycle and repurpose old fishing nets into high-quality functional outdoor sportswear. Long Dian Marine actively domesticated and artificially bred high-value wild fish species, successfully cultivating species like yellowfin grouper, blue-spotted grouper, red coral grouper, and red-barred parrotfish. This approach not only avoids market competition with neighboring countries but also reduces the capture of wild fish species, contributing to marine sustainability efforts.

Regarding thematic pavilions, the Council of Agriculture’s Taiwan Smart Agriculture Pavilion integrated cutting-edge technologies such as information and communication technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, blockchain, and biotechnology into on-site agricultural practices. It comprehensively showcased the implementation of various solutions and provided a complete exhibition experience and learning opportunity for agricultural and livestock production units. The Technology Development Program Office and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research jointly organized the Smart Agriculture Forum, inviting county and city agricultural leaders to share the current status and achievements of constructing a smart agriculture ecosystem. Additionally, the Changhua County Government established the Changhua Smart Agriculture Pavilion, which not only displayed recent achievements in promoting the smart agriculture industry but also aimed to enhance the competitiveness of agricultural products, offering diverse and high-quality agricultural product choices to consumers and expanding new agricultural food channels.

In recent years, Taiwan has gradually embraced the digitization of agriculture, resulting in improved quality of agricultural and fishery products. This, coupled with cold chain technology, has effectively expanded overseas markets. In 2022, a New Agriculture Pavilion was established to bridge the gap between Taiwan’s high-quality new agricultural products and the global market. Finally, the event offered various free experiential activities, including New Agricultural Food Cooking Shows, Therapeutic Horticultural Exhibitions, and the distribution of local agricultural food gift bags. With hundreds of new agricultural products on display, the focus was on promoting healthy and flavorful living.

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AB65 material and AB65 Hybrid copper alloy net, excellent anti-biofouling effect, not only won the affirmation of many local operators, but also can be combined with other aquaculture equipment. AB65 already became the new solution of aquaculture.

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