AB65 yarn is join to Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show 2022

Written by AQUA MAN


The Taipei Textile Exhibition opened this morning, with prominent attendees such as Wang Wen-Yuan, President of the Formosa Plastics Group and Chairman of the Textile Federation, and Xu Xu-Dong, Chairman of the Far Eastern Group. When discussing the current state of the textile industry, Wang Wen-Yuan noted that in an inflationary environment with high oil prices, most textiles are derived from crude oil. This increase in raw material costs raises overall expenses and reduces market purchasing power. Wang believes that it will take some time for the market to fully recover. Xu Xu-Dong added that textiles have evolved into technological products. Modern textile products are multifunctional, and they emphasize functionality alongside comfort.

AB65 copper alloy yarn is participating in the TITAS show 2022. AB65 adheres to the principles of health, environmental protection, and sustainable management, providing the textile industry with more sustainable and eco-friendly yarn options.


 AB65 copper alloy yarn join TITAS show 2022. AB65 pursue the concept of health and environmental protection and sustainable management, and provide the textile industry with more sustainable and environmentally friendly yarns. 

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