2023 TITAS Spotlights Innovative AB65 Yarn in Sustainable Textiles

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AB65's Sustainability Display

TITAS show Spotlights Innovative AB65 Copper Alloy Yarn in Sustainable Textiles

The Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS), scheduled from October 17th to 19th, garnered participation from 11 countries and showcased 381 exhibitors occupying a total of 952 booths, including renowned industry giants like Formosa Plastics Group, Far Eastern New Century, Eclat Textile, Everest Textile, and Zig Sheng Industrial.

The event highlighted the latest technological advancements and research capabilities within the textile industry, mirroring market demands by embracing the core themes of sustainability, functional applications, and smart manufacturing.

A significant standout at TITAS was the pioneering AB65 copper alloy yarn, showcased with Takming University of Science and Technology at the Taiwan Green Textiles Group (TG)2 “Taiwan Green Textiles Group” booth. AB65 featured a unique display, revealing carbon emissions directly on the textile fibers—an avant-garde application setting the standard for the industry’s eco-sustainable future.

Mr. Huang Wei-Chi, Secretary-General of the Taiwan Textile Federation, remarked on the challenging economic climate of this year, indicating a gradual rebound in order demand from Q3 onwards and a distinct revival expected in Q4. Despite Taiwan’s export volumes decreasing by 22% this year, TITAS exhibitors remain resilient, actively transitioning and expanding their operations overseas in preparation for a triumphant return next year.

Furthermore, this year’s TITAS attracted vibrant overseas participation, notably from Italy, India, and Korea. Italy showcased textile machinery and digital printing solutions; India presented PET bottle recycling yarn, fabric for garments, industrial fabric, and non-woven fabrics; while Korea specialized in fashionable and functional products.

Amidst global geopolitical instability and increased material and energy costs, resulting in inflation and subdued consumer purchasing power, TITAS’s focus on inviting international brands to Taiwan for procurement stood firm. The event will also host several seminars addressing green textiles and sustainability topics, facilitating discussions among domestic and international textile experts to cultivate more business opportunities for Taiwan’s textile industry.

The prominence of AB65 in advancing the textile industry towards eco-sustainability and its exceptional display at TG2’s environmentally friendly textiles booth at TITAS exemplify the industry’s innovative strides.

AB65 Yarn's Display
Setting New Standards
Innovative Display of AB65 Copper Alloy Yarn

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