AB65 in Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show 2021

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2021Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show

The highly anticipated annual event in the fishing industry, the “Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (TIFSS),” is being held from today (2nd) to the 4th at the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. The organizers, TAITRA, have announced that in addition to the three-day physical exhibition, there will be a month-long OMO online exhibition. Visitors can explore the online exhibition for free until December 31st, experiencing the feel of being on-site and enjoying unrestricted business opportunities.

The Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show has now entered its seventh edition, showcasing Taiwan’s abundant marine industry energy and formidable strength, establishing itself as a well-known brand on the global stage. TAITRA noted that this year’s exhibition boasts a high level of internationalization, with the participation of over 100 exhibitors from 14 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, mainland China, and more, alongside strong domestic support.

The morning opening of the event attracted numerous industry professionals and VIP guests, including Mirna Mariela Rivera Andino, the Ambassador of Nicaragua to Taiwan.

This year’s exhibition is divided into four major zones: the “Marine Smart Technology and Fishing Equipment Zone,” the “Smart Aquaculture and Hatchery Technology Zone,” the “Aquatic Product and Food Processing Technology Zone,” and the “Leisure Fishing Equipment and Watersports Zone.” These zones bring together leading companies from home and abroad, creating a comprehensive procurement platform for the fishing industry.

At the exhibition, visitors can witness cutting-edge global innovations, including satellite buoys with satellite reception systems, equipped with solar panels to enhance fleet operational efficiency. Additionally, fresh seafood products distinguished by seven advantages: “natural environment,” “high salinity water quality of Penghu,” “natural mixed fish feed,” “periodic inspections,” “technical improvement courses,” “detailed traceability records,” and “government certification” are on display. Through AIoT, AR augmented reality technology, and cloud technology, efficient smart farming solutions are also provided.

AB65 Hybrid copper alloy net, with a strong commitment to product development and ongoing technological improvements, has applied composite mesh to Bivalvia applications. AB65 combines traditional technology with revolutionary products, resulting in two high-quality products that align with the environmentally friendly and green energy initiatives of the current government. In the future, research will be conducted on individual oyster farming, which not only effectively sequesters carbon and reduces carbon emissions but also creates a better earning environment for fishermen.

The Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association, along with five companies, led the exhibition in a dedicated area, showcasing three MIT yachts. Secretary-General Ma Bao-Yu expressed not only appreciation for the physical exhibition but also high expectations for the online exhibition format and its business opportunities. Representing the Indonesian government, PT. De Fung Seafood expressed gratitude to TAITRA for organizing the fisheries show, providing an excellent platform for promoting Indonesian aquatic products amidst the global economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

Jin Yung Fa Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., a food machinery manufacturer, stated that the exhibition’s audience aligns with their client base, facilitating business promotion.

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing remains challenging to eradicate, and the world is facing a crisis of declining fish stocks. Therefore, the organizers have invited experts from academia and industry to promote marine sustainability through the physical and online exhibition platforms. Initiatives such as the “Star of Marine Ecology” emblem by the Taiwan Marine Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Foundation encourage consumers to purchase seafood caught in environmentally friendly ways.

National Taiwan Ocean University’s Department of Aquaculture has introduced the “Blue Carbon Project,” which employs the cultivation of bivalves to remove excessive nitrogen and phosphorus from the environment, ultimately reducing carbon dioxide and increasing economic benefits. This technology holds significant market development potential in the global carbon trading market.

TAITRA emphasizes that during the exhibition period, numerous peripheral activities are being held, including custom “one-on-one online procurement negotiations” for exhibitors with participation from 11 countries, accumulating nearly 40 negotiation sessions. The international forum held on the first day attracted more than 350 professionals.

Additionally, there are daily lectures and activities on the stage, where the latest products and technologies are shared with the live audience. With a wealth of new knowledge and business opportunities, TAITRA welcomes the public to visit the 24-hour online exhibition for free.

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AB65 Hybrid copper alloy net, with the enthusiasm for product development and continuous improvement of technology, has applied composite mesh to Bivalvia applications. AB65 uses traditional technology, revolutionary products, two high-quality products combined with the most environmentally friendly and green energy of the current government. In the future, it will conduct research on individual oyster farming, which can not only effectively fix carbon and reduce carbon emissions, but also create a new environment for fishermen better earnings.

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