AB65 middle stage net

AB65 middle stage net

AB65 middle stage net is made of 99.999 % metal raw materials.

This process breaks through the traditional impression, combining AB65 wire with conventional yarn, and has an exclusive patent. To stabilize the release of metal ions, thus, to optimizing the characteristics of AB65.


Buy the AB65 middle stage net, you do not have to use veterinary drugs additives, still can maintain good breeding environment, this net can help you reduce the infection/illness rate of aquatic products, and then improve the breeding rate



  • Reduce the chance to infection by Sea lice or Vibrio.
  • Increase numbers of healthy aquatic products.
  • Lower maintenance and labors.
  • Recyclable and low carbon footprint.
  • Light weight and easy to operate.
  • Minimize veterinary drugs additives.

    AB65 Float


    AB65 Float 

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